Swanson Forest Products has been practicing responsible logging and exporting of wood products for over 30 years. Headquartered in Eastern Iowa with a sawmill (Big Timber Hardwoods Inc.) and log yards located in Monticello, Iowa, Lacon, Illinois, and Clintonville, Pennsylvania.  Swanson Forest Products primarily exports hardwood species. Our clients consist of both international and domestic buyers.  Our established relationships with Asia and different European markets have accelerated the demand for Iowa Walnut.
Swanson Forest Products takes pride in shipping high quality logs and lumber.  We specialize in exporting  Iowa Walnut, which is world famous for superior quality.  Swanson Forest Products has built an industry reputation as a professional and responsible exporting company.  This has been proven thru the companies ethics, values, and integrity for the past 30 years. 

About Us

  • Swanson Forest Products exports species from the Midwest region which include: Walnut, White Oak, Red Oak, Maple, Cherry and Hickory. Our logs are produced in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

  • Veneer logs are supplied to our export and domestic customers. The remaining saw grade is then sent to Big Timber Hardwoods Inc. The sawmill is located in Vinton, Iowa. 

  • Big Timber Hardwoods Inc. supplies Walnut lumber to our Walnut dimension plant located in Monticello, Iowa

  • Please click the link below for contact and information on Big Timber Hardwoods inc. 

Midwest Region